Our Practice

Mandy Gulla ND, LMP, Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Gulla is holistic physician guided by the philosophy that all human beings have an innate potential for healing and fulfillment. Her interest in whole person healing began with the mind-and-body connection and transformative power found in art. As an undergraduate, she focused on visual, performance and healing arts, expanding her knowledge of literature, painting, developmental movement patterning, dance and yoga at The Evergreen State College.

Moved to study medicine to improve quality and compassion and to deepen patient understanding and empowerment, Dr. Gulla earned a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, a certificate in Midwifery, and a certificate in Massage Therapy at Bastyr University. Completing a CNME accredited residency at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine in Orlando, FL under the direct solo mentorship of Dr. Kirti Kalidas MD, ND, they focused on Integrative Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease, collaborating with over 20 varied allied health providers.

In her over a decade of clinical practice, she has focused on gently unraveling and treating complex, multi-system dysfunction. Dr. Gulla teaches and consults with Physicians and Medical Students in her private practice and as Adjunct Faculty, at Bastyr University , where she teaches Advanced IV Therapy.  She feels a strong connection to the community and the earth and is grateful to serve the San Juan Islands.

Office manager Stephanie Prima shines with integrity and goodness. She brings decades of sales, office, and business management’s skills to Living Medical Arts. Stephanie is an exceptional leader and is streamlining our current system upgrades, our excellent customer service, and looks forward to ushering the practice to meet our long-term vision.

As a former long-distance cruising sailor, Stephanie was fortunate to ‘discover’ the San Juan Islands through sailing. She purchased property on San Juan Island in 1996 and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Stephanie is also a certified Qigong instructor, currently offering private lessons. She will be conducting  classes for Living Medical Arts patients and the community.

Martha A. Wysocki joined LMA part-time in November 2020 as a staff support specialist. Degreed in general, she focused on engineering, sciences, and art. Martha has experience in medical and legal fields, office management, business ownership, training, and advocacy. She has a curious nature and loves learning. Her interests and joys include family, travel, nature, gardening, animals, cooking, hiking, camping, Bible study, music, reading, and exploring. A transplant from the east coast, she has lived on Shaw Island since April 2019.

Our Staff is available during regular business hours for scheduling, records requests, and supporting the community.

The Living Medical Arts Dispensary is available by phone and email, orders due to current Covid-19 office protocols. We are fully stocked and happy to put things out for pick up and/or drop shipment.