Covid-19 Testing

Thank your for your interest in our Covid testing services at Living Medical Arts PLLC. As a primary care clinic, we can only provide this service to current patients. If you are interested in entering our care, please review and complete the standard patient intake forms on our website:

Types of Testing: We offer both in-person swabs and At-Home-Test-Kits. We strongly encourage patients to take advantage of the At-Home-Test-Kit option to reduce community exposure, although in-person testing may be appropriate in some cases, such as for minors. The cost of each test kit is $125 or $180, depending on which lab we use. Typically the lab can bill your insurance: our fee for the service of requisitioning, processing, and tracking each kit is $120.

For At-Home-Testing, test-kits will be shipped overnight to your address. Once the kit is received, the swab is self-administered and shipped overnight to the lab via Post San Juan or your nearest FedEx shipping service. It is the patient’s responsibility to know the shipping time cut off for their nearest FedEx distributor. We will call patients within one business day once the results are available and will provide counseling.

In-Person testing is offered only on Tuesdays, 8:00 – 8:30, behind our office on 640 Mullis St. We do not offer testing ‘in office’ since we would have to close our office for two weeks if we received a positive test result within our walls. We will perform swabbing, sample handling, and shipping. We will also call patients within one business day once results are available and will provide counseling. We have limited spaces available, so an appointment is needed.

Results Time: RESULTS ARE TIMED FROM WHEN THE LAB RECEIVED THE SPECIMEN. Typical LabCorp turn-around times are now 48-72 hours. Patients are strongly encouraged to register an account with LabCorp at so they can access their At-Home and LMA test results online. We cannot guarantee that your results will be received in time for your desired travel plans.

We also use NW Pathology, which has been resulting in 24-48 hours, and the specimen must be FedExed overnight. Patients have the option to take their specimen to the Bellingham lab location for faster results turn-around.

For New Patients: fully completed forms, payment in full, and insurance card are required the Monday before (9 days) prior to ordering/scheduling/swabbing. We require everything on the Financial Policy, Consent for Care, HIPAA, and Client History Form – Covid 19 Screening Only be filled out, and if something doesn’t apply to you, simply write ‘N/A’. Forms must be submitted to our office in paper or PDF form (no photos please) along with your insurance card copy (front and back) and check. You may drop the forms at our office or mail them: Living Medical Arts, PLLC, 640 Mullis Street, Suite 102C, Friday Harbor WA 98250.

Alternatives: LabCorp provides an At-Home-Testing option called Pixel, which provides telehealth physician counseling services and is similar to our At-Home-Testing-Kit option. To learn more, visit

Please let us know if you have further questions – we’re happy to help! 360.472.0447.